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In Greek mythology , Pasithea was the goddess of relaxation and meditation and the wife of Hypnos, the god of sleep. She was also one of the Charites, Graces, who were the personification of beauty, charm and joy.

Our apartment complex, Pasithea, in Folegandros offers the best view to the southern Cyclades.

It is perched on 4 levels, above the sea and is made up of white washed rooms tumbling down a hillside. The studios, 7in total, are situated on the upper levels, all with stunning views of the Agkali beach.

Although our complex is small, it provides services similar to those of a hotel and at the same time offers the warmth and hospitality of a small family business

From morning till night there is always someone around you can call upon for any help

On the lowest level you will find our terrace cafe where you can sit in the shade and enjoy your beverage and a snack, gazing at the sea. Full breakfast is also served here every morning.

Above the cafe is our fish restaurant which, on a daily basis, serves fresh fish, lobsters and of course the famous local pasta, Matsata

Pasithea, due to its facilities and close proximity to the beach, is ideal for those looking for a peaceful holiday. Agkali , in general, is a quiet place as the shops are not open late at night.




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